<![CDATA[Post Me Blog - Blog]]>Sat, 06 Feb 2016 14:05:58 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Summer attack: how to calculate and cure the fungus on nails]]>Tue, 02 Feb 2016 14:35:59 GMThttp://postmeblog.weebly.com/blog/summer-attack-how-to-calculate-and-cure-the-fungus-on-nailsTo begin with let us recall that fungi http://www.parolesdartistes.net, parasites in our body a huge amount. Some of them settle inside (e.g., fungi Candida, causing thrush), and some settle on the surface of the body.

Surface fungi live on the nails and the skin and can not get inside. This is comforting, is not it?

The fungus on his feet. What is athlete's foot, and how to avoid it

The fungus, which often spoils the human inhabitants of the middle band nails, has a proud name "red trihofiton." His fellow - molds or fungi of the genus Candida - can also penetrate the nail, but are much rarer. Sometimes they settle with trihofitonom forming a mixed colony.
How do they do it?

It argued that the fungus infected people with lowered immunity. This is not true. The fungus can penetrate our body only through the wound. If there are micro cracks in the skin or nails, wear a shoe or "injured" by sloppy pedicure, fungus on contact with you easily and quickly to catch him. Where there is the wound, there develops a fungus - someone on the nails, someone between the toes or on the balls of the feet. No wounds - no fungus.
As for immunity, if it is reduced, the fungus will multiply quickly.

When a person is healthy, fungus can occur, for example, as a strong peeling the soles of the feet. Many blamed it on dry skin, but peeling - the first signal of the impending danger that may "spill over" onto nails.

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Beautiful harmonious development of inflated hands always attract attention, namely the arm muscles have become a priority for many athletes both beginners and pros. So often, especially beginners, are wondering Specforce Alpha Review how to pump up your hands http://www.nolimitly.com/2015/04/specforce-alpha-review.html and get a good amount of relief and arm muscles. Before we proceed to consider effective methods of hand pump to start sort out the basic functions of the hand muscles in this site: http://www.nolimitly.com

In order to pump up the powerful arms must be addressed directly - the biceps and triceps.

Biceps - a biceps, ie It consists of two bits - long and short. This is probably the most famous muscle, which is known even by people distant from the sport. There are many techniques for pumping biceps, but in most cases enough to know a number of principles and effective exercises, so that you could not answer the question or omitted as the bulging biceps, but also successfully apply it in practice. But do not get hung up on this muscle, like many beginners, because apart from the bulk of the biceps hand sets is the triceps, which is about 2/3 of the volume of the hands.

Triceps - is treglavaya shoulder muscle, which consists of the medial long and the outer cap. Functions extension arms, so all exercises triceps have the common feature - a variety of extension arm at the elbow, in the polyarticular form, and insulating. As has been said above it is a muscle holds the largest volume of the hands, so the hand pump expedient to pay a little more attention is triceps.

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Gathering information diverse and multifaceted decided to present some of them aimed at a comprehensive update of our classmates and our teachers around the topic.

The body and soul constantly trying to find balance. They are
We know that good mental health is directly linked to the physical and
http://www.igougou8.com/2015/11/ph360-reviews.html reverse. Scientists insist that our psychology can
improved if we start with simple changes in our body, even in
how we sit.

Scientists explain that the curved shoulders
suggest bad mood and a problem that can
face may cause us stomachache. What our
trouble may occur problems in the stomach or
with fever. When we fear might we get breathing difficulties.

working on something, it has an effect on our body and mood
Our "explains psychologist Doris Wolf. The body secretes hormones
stimulate blood circulation and cause hyperactivity or
underactive glands. But the pain can be the same
effect on our posture, and facial expression
It can affects our physical health. That is easy
be determined: for example, smiling.

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A breath before? Christmas and it's time to do diet! For no other reason but to be able to eat without remorse whatever you like the Celebrations. Make therefore easily ... the n your favorite salad!


1 can of tuna in water
1/2 tender lettuce
1 cucumber
1 small green onion
1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese
Salt Pepper
1.5 tablespoon mayonnaise lite
A little olive oil


Wash and drain very well the lettuce. The mince together with onion and cucumber and put them all together in a large bowl.

Drain the tuna well, put it over our vegetables and add some pepper. Sprinkle our salad with parmesan. Then, pour the oil. Add and mayonnaise.

Season with salt and stir very well.

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Surely every relationship is unique, different and has nothing to do with the previous ones. But it has some basic features to the classifications. The most basic are the following:

Here you can send messages into the home and not have appetite to go out because the ride without him is meaningless. This in a camp crying his destiny and grumbles because you're outside and very jealous.

The relationship with smaller like having to watch out for one child. Do not do this, do not do that, you can not put him in a row. Good and carefree but eh my little child.

A you here salute, gifts, and trips voltitses have their honor. But eh my child, you are not for them because it is the style you want sou.Den wallet, man you want.

Case himself. He wants to do everything together, swim together coffee together, cook together, whether dancing in a school could monitor voluntarily ballet lessons just to be with sou.Pnigomai !!!!!!!!!!! !

Married? In connection? The generally forbidden? And if you like to believe will deflate very quickly the thing he will return to the love nest of another and you will be left alone and deserted you cry. Do you like it? No, nor us.

In writing for hours, to forget, his friends meant that stairs are more than you. E and Kana weekend gets phone to see what you do to throw dust in your eyes.

Fraud and you know it. What are you doing about it? Nothing at all because you love. Come to please the mummy's not worth it.

Everyone has his life, go well together and with your friends individually. Sure there are small misunderstandings, but everything resolved by discussion. Finally!
You have the perfect relationship.

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Science has crouch over relations studying them for decades and has come up with two main things that determine the happy couples. Millions of people every year decide to get married, but increasingly there is an increase in divorces. Check this out: Scientists are trying so for decades to find what it is that makes people stay together and be happy and what it makes them separate. And finally realize that the recipe for a successful relationship is much simpler than you might think. 

There are two important things to have a epitychimeni and happy relationship: generosity and kindness. And as easy as it sounds difficult to practice.

After studies in couples by social psychologists began the 70s and continues to this day, there were some key findings for the happiness of couples.

Thousands of couples, with electrodes on the body, found in front of researchers and answered questions about their relationship. The electrodes measure the blood pressure, heart rate and sweating.

In this experiment the effects of "pulled" two categories. The «masters» and «destroyers» (destroyers). The former masters were happy couples after six years of marriage and destroyers unhappy couples or partitions. What differentiate them was simple: their physical findings. The masters were those who did not were sweating and had increased blood pressure and heart beats when talking about their relationship with their partner next. While the disasters were. Somatic ie their findings showed that he was on the defensive and under stress.